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I try to keep my letters to the editor light. But I’m just getting too angry. The conspiracy theorist minority on Kauai that wants to force its beliefs on the rest of us is going too far.

If they want to have their little conspiracy theory community with concerts and parties where they sit around confirming each others’ beliefs in ridiculous ideas, that’s fine. But I am sick of their self-righteous, arrogant, narcissistic belief that the other 65,000 people on Kauai who don’t agree with them should pay for it.

The Mana March social parade that they stiffed us taxpayers with, the Bill 2491 Hooser-Bynum Circus that’s costing us millions, and now wanting everyone else to pay for their special electric meters because their little Radio Shack EMF detectors made noise near homes they knew had smart meters is too much.

They’ve pushed too far trying to change Kauai into their hippie utopia, and the people — the majority — are starting to push back. If they want unicorn land, they should buy an island or move to Colorado (pakalolo is legal there, hint, hint) instead of trying to make Kauai into something it is not. I moved here because I love Kauai as it is. These others moved here wanting to change it. Enough is enough.

It’s time for the silent majority to stop being silent, for the locals who historically ignore politics to start participating, or Kauai will be completely overrun by nutcases, hippie idealists and professional activists. In 2013 the 5 percent radicals took over Kauai. In 2014 the 95 percent will take back Kauai.

Chuck Lasker, Kalaheo